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Company Profile

Cherry Grove Realty offers its clients, both sellers, and purchasers, exceptional service. We are professional yet friendly and very approachable.

We pride ourselves on being able to find the right home for the right buyer and are passionate about the property industry and giving our best at all times.

Together with integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness, we do our best to ensure the experience of both selling and purchasing a home is a happy, stress-free one.

Having been successfully selling property for over 16 years we are well qualified to advise all parties on the different aspects of the property industry and are always happy to help.

We also have a huge knowledge of the areas we are selling in. This is important for prospective buyers as they like to know as much as possible about what is in and around the area and events that are happening. You can rest assured that myself and my agents are the best women for the job as we understand the local environment and are up to date with what is happening.

We are hard-working, organised, and love to work with attention to detail. We are happy to advise you on small changes that can help make your home more saleable and have a list of recommended contractors and tradesmen that can help.